Thursday, April 8, 2010

Objectives of the ISWI

The basic goal of the ISWI is to develop the scientific insight necessary to understand the science, and to reconstruct and forecast near-Earth space weather.  This includes instrumentation, data analysis, modeling, education, training, and public outreach.

  • Expand and continue deployment of new and existing instrument arrays
Data analysis
  • Expand data analysis effort for instrument arrays and existing data bases
  • Coordinate data products to provide input for physical modeling
  • Input instrument array data into physical models of heliospheric processes
  • Develop data products that reconstruct past conditions in order to facilitate assessment of problems attributed to space weather effects
  • Coordinate data products to allow predictive relationships to be developed
  • Develop data products to allow predictive relationships that enable the forecasting of Space Weather to be established
  • Develop data products that can easily be assimilated into real-time or near real-time predictive models
Education, Training, and Public Outreach
  • Encourage and support space science courses and curricula in Universities that provide instrument support
  • Develop public outreach materials unique to the ISWI, and coordinate the distribution


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